Annual Grants

Each year the International Sailors' Society issues grants to various seafarer centres in need of financial assistance.  Since 2005 the International Sailors' Society Canada has provided over one quarter of a million dollars to organizations and other charities that support seafarers in Canada.

Our main beneficiaries include: 

Mission to Seafarers - Halifax, NS

Seafarers Mission - Saint John, NB

Maison du Marin - Quebec City, PQ

Mariners' House - Montreal, PQ

Mission to Seafarers - Southern Ontario

Mission to Seafarers - Sarnia (St. Clair), ON

Mission to Seafarers - Thunder Bay, ON

Lighthouse Harbour Ministries - Prince Rupert, BC

Lighthouse Harbour Ministries - Vancouver, BC

Lighthouse Harbour Ministries - Victoria, BC

Mission to Seafarers - Vancouver, BC


Application for grants are open to organizations operating facilities or providing welfare service to seafarers in Canadian ports.  The ISSC is currently accepting applications for grants until May 11, 2018.  Download the 2018 Grant Application form.